EA teases something soon in June for Battlefield

Just ahead, some news may loom

It looks like we might be getting a look at the new Battlefield, uh, “soon.” Today the Battlefield Twitter account put out a tease involving “soon” and “June.”

“Words that rhyme with ‘Soon,'” the tweet reads. “June. Boom.” A clever way of saying hey, look forward to June. And also, boom?

EA confirmed recently that two Battlefield games are in development, one being the next Battlefield game for console and PC, and another standalone mobile game. In it, the company said that a reveal for the new Battlefield is coming “soon.”

While EA usually skips out on E3, a June announcement still fits right into place. We’re still waiting to hear what the plans are for this year, but it’s probably safe to say Battlefield will be a component of whatever news EA might roll out in June. In other news, I can’t stop thinking of words that rhyme with “soon.”

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter