EA Sports knows sweat: Fight Night Round 4 trailer proves it

Fight Night is finally making its return to consoles this summer. EA Sports released a trailer today (available after the break), featuring the beautifully rendered hard bodies of “Iron” Mike Tyson and Muhammed Ali in their prime. I can’t say I’m surprised by the game’s visual fidelity, but it’s certainly note-worthy. If only every game could have high-resolution facial deformity and real time sweat.

In case you didn’t know, boxing is a sport where two men punch each other relentlessly over the course of several timed rounds. The goal is to hit your opponent so hard that his brain knocks against the back of his skull, making him fall down. You win if he is knocked down a total of three times, or is unable to get up after the first. You lose if it’s your brain being scrambled and your ass on the mat.

I can’t wait to see more of the game. I’m expecting a robust career mode this time around, and hopefully, more create-a-character antics. Note to EA Sports: Allow me to make one my boxer’s arms shorter than the other. Having that option would open to floor to zany and dynamic play. No one expects the tiny right arm uppercut.

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