EA Sports/Gillette contest, Day 5: Cute tigers! Win Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09!

Thanks for making yesterday’s FIFA 09 giveaway such a phenomenal success, folks (mostly bluexy and Atlas, but everybody helped)! We’ll probably run that kind of contest in the future, since the response from you all (for a soccer game) was so overwhelming! Anyway, in case you haven’t seen the updated post, power-glove swooped in and took the prize. Congratulations!

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and today is the last day of our week of EA Sports game giveaways. I wish NHL 09 had been eligible for Gillette’s contest (see details after the jump), since, in my opinion, it’s the best one of them all this year (and maybe ever). Still, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, the game that’s being offered to you good people today, is a stellar title in its own right — and with its simultaneous online play (new to the franchise this year), it’s well suited to the Gillette tournament.

To win a copy of the game for the Xbox 360, you need to post a photo in the comments of a cute tiger or tigers. I stress the word “photo” so you know that something like this is invalid. Also, don’t post the image if it’s going to break the page (i.e., if it’s more than 450 or so pixels across) — just post a link to it instead. The cutest image wins! Oh, and if you want to distinguish your entry by Photoshopping in some rainbows or unicorns, feel free. We’ll be accepting submissions until 3 PM EST tomorrow, November 22nd. Only one entry per person, please! As has been the case this week, the contest is open to anyone, anywhere…so get Googling!

The full details can be found here, but in a nutshell, you compete in an Xbox Live tournament with any of five different EA Sports titles (Madden NFL 09, NBA Live 09, NASCAR 09, FIFA Soccer 09, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09) for bragging rights, as well as prizes to certify your sports gaming prowess. There are nine weekly Qualifying Rounds, running from October 31-December 28, a week of leaderboard qualifying in a Knock Out Round from January 4-11, 2009, and a Global Competition around February 3, 2009, held in Orlando, Florida.

There are tournaments in North America, Asia, and Europe — the Global Competition will feature one winner per game from each of the three regions. Those fifteen winners will be flown to Orlando to compete against each other, and the winners will have a chance to play against the Gillette Champions: Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Thierry Henry, Denny Hamlin, and Roger Federer! Pretty cool, eh? Weekly winners get a Gillette razor and a 3-month Xbox Live Gold subscription; weekly first prize winners receive a Gillette shave kit, a copy of EA’s FaceBreaker, a 12-month Gold subscription, and 1,600 MS Points. Oh, and in addition to being flown to Orlando, the finalists will get a shave kit, 3 EA Sports games, a 12-month Gold subscription, and 4,000 MS Points.

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