EA Sports announces FIFA Soccer 11

The 2010 FIFA World Cup begins in just two days, but if you were planning on skipping EA’s special World Cup game and were waiting for details on the next “full” release, then today is your day! EA Sports has revealed the first details on FIFA Soccer 11, and they certainly sound promising. The most significant new feature is something that developer EA Canada has dubbed “Personality+” — it employs a database that evaluates players’ skills in numerous areas, and that allows EA Canada to make FIFA 11 much more authentic: footballers in the game will play just like their real-life counterparts.

For further realism, FIFA 11 will include new body types and player models. And if you didn’t like the passing in past FIFA games, the game also features a revamped passing system, “Pro Passing,” which is much more challenging but rewarding. Passing will take all kinds of things into account, including your timing, a player’s attributes, and the situation on the pitch.

FIFA Soccer 11 will hit stores this fall around the world for PS3, 360, Wii, PC, PSP, PS2, DS, and mobile platforms. For more, keep your eyes on EA’s official FIFA series website and Facebook page, and check out the gallery below for eight screenshots and three posters.

Samit Sarkar