EA shows a new look at Skate, opens playtester sign-ups


Be an insider to the world of the next Skate

The Skate team is back with a new update, in the form of some very early gameplay and sign-ups. Electronic Arts is letting fans sign-up to be in an early insider playtest for Skate.

In today’s video, titled “Still Working On It,” the Skate team shows off some “Pre-Pre-Pre-Alpha” gameplay of the new Skate. It’s a neat behind-the-scenes look at just what goes into making something like Skate.

Even so, it looks like Skate is coming together quite well. And sign-ups are open if you’d like to see just how well.

An early look at Skate

Over on EA’s website, the team is hosting sign-ups to be an early playtester for Skate. You can find the registration page here.

Any sharing or capturing of the early playtest is prohibited, and there isn’t a roadmap for playtests just yet either. The playtest is only available on PC via Origin as well. It will, however, grow to more platforms as testing expands.

So this isn’t the usual open beta or way to get players in and poking at some final systems just ahead of launch. EA stresses that it’s still “very early” in the development of Skate, and it wants early feedback to help shape the future of Skate.

The new Skate was unveiled during the 2020 EA Play Live stream, where its developers joked that fans “commented this into existence.” While it hasn’t been seen much since, the fervor for a new Skate certainly hasn’t seemed to die down just yet. Hopefully the new entry can live up to some titanic expectations.

Eric Van Allen