EA Showcase 08: Three new videos for Mercenaries 2 contain plenty of explosions

Here’s three new videos for Mercenaries 2: World in Flames to supplement my hands-on write up from earlier today. Perfect for if you want to have video examples to go along with my words (or if you’re just stupid and suffer from the tl;dr syndrome).

All three videos pretty much show the same thing. The one of three main character running around and blowing the sh*t out of everything. The videos do a really good job of showing just how destructible the environments are. One thing that has me a little worried though, is that the enemy AI looks, well, dumb. They seem to stay in one area and wait for you to get near before taking action. I do know that the enemy was on my ass as much as possible in my play through so I’m thinking for these video demonstrations, the difficulty was set on easy.

Two more videos for Mercenaries 2 after the jump. How’s the game looking to you?

Hamza Aziz