EA Showcase 08: MySims Kingdom impressions

There’s something about MySims Kingdom that just fills me with joy. It’s a very cute, heart warming looking game and I was surprised by how much I enjoyed watching everything that was happening on screen.

You play as a lowly pig farmer who becomes the world’s most important person as the king has asked for your help to rebuild the world. The king gives you a magical wand that you will use to build everything from bridges to help people get across rivers, connecting wheels and gears together to open up locked doors, to even building yourself a bed to catch a nap. You’ll of course have to find parts scattered across the world to actually build stuff with your wand.

You’ll always have two friends with you as your travel from island to island to help progress the story and help you figure things out, should you need it. In the demo, we went to a prehistoric island where an evil man named Sir Vincent was holding a triceratops in a cage. Before you can free the triceratops, you’ll need to trick Sir Vincent by feeding his ego. Praise him enough, and you’ll be able to get  him to go to a different part of the island. Once he’s out of the way, you’ll need to use your wand to connect a bunch of gears to a rotation device together that will open up the cage to free the triceratops. 

MySims Kingdom is shaping up to be a very promising, and dare I say, adorable looking game. It’ll be out this Fall for the Wii and Nintendo DS. 

Hamza Aziz