EA responds to ‘bankrupt strategy’ comments

A few days ago, former EA executive Mitch Lasky wrote a scathing blog about Electronic Arts’ business practices and what he called a “bankrupt strategy.” While EA declined to issue an official response, communications head Jeff Brown has responded in an interview, claiming that Lasky is just bitter because he never became EA’s CEO.

“Mitch needs to try de-caf,” mocks Brown. “It’s never easy being turned down for a job, but most people don’t spend three years obsessing about it. Since Mitch left EA, Apple invented the iPhone, Facebook evolved to include a gaming platform and EAMobile became the world leader.”

Wow, quite the catty response from EA. Not exactly a shot above the belt, but you have to give a golf clap for the merciless burn. Still, no amount of mockery can detract from the fact that EA is not the moneyspinner it once was, and while the publisher focuses on critics and blaming the Wii, things aren’t getting fixed.

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Jim Sterling