EA releases new tool to ease the pain of SecuROM …

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… although it’s still very much a huge pain in the ass.

The new tool in question de-authorizes any EA games released after May of 2008 (the ones shown above) so that you can better install said games on different machines or hard drives, etc. The concept isn’t exactly a new one, but this tool will scan your system for any and all affected games rather than forcing you to individually download each tool per specific EA title.

I suppose it’s more for the guy who’s game collection is packed full of EA games than anything else, but I’m going to take it as a sign that the company is starting to embrace and understand how frustrating DRM can be for the consumer, at least more so than it has shown previously.

Other evidence includes the fact that The Sims 3 will ship with no online form of authentication — just the old method of using serial numbers — but we didn’t get around to covering the announcement here. Well, now you know.

Even though I say this in most of my DRM-related posts, again, it’s nice to see the first steps being taken by companies like EA. Let’s keep it up, guys.

[Slashdot via Blue’s News]

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