EA relaunching the Need for Speed series with three new games this year

The Need for Speed series is getting a major overhaul in 2009, EA has told Eurogamer. Currently, the plan is to release three distinct games, all of which tackle different audiences: Shift (360, PS3, PC, PSP — autumn), Nitro (Wii, DS — autumn), and World Online (PC — winter).

Need for Speed: Shift, which is pictured above (in-game footage, I might add), is strictly simulation racing. It’s less “urban underground” and more about “mirroring the driver experience, that athleticism of being in a wickedly-intense race, and what it really feels like to be behind the wheel,” says EA marketing boss Keith Munro.

Next up is Need for Speed: Nitro, a much more casual approach that caters to arcade racing fanatics. It “won’t be a Mario Kart clone,” but interestingly enough “Nitro in no way resembles any other previous Need for Speed title.”

Finally, there’s Need for Speed: World Online, a free-to-play, micro-transaction funded online PC game. Unfortunately, it will be launching in Asia before it makes it over to the West, so we won’t be seeing the game until later this winter.

Jordan Devore
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