EA: PS3/360 console war is good for business

Electronic Arts European SVP Jens Uwe doesn’t believe in peace and love. In fact, he is digging the console war as head-to-head competition is very good for third party publishers like EA. 

“Traditionally, third-party publishers are stronger on Microsoft and Sony platforms than on Nintendo, so 360 and PS3 getting stronger certainly suits us,” says Uwe. “… We could certainly see Sony come back — in the UK it’s still a head-to-head competition between PlayStation and Xbox, but on the continent Sony is traditionally stronger than Microsoft.

“But we’re very happy to watch the competition, because as long as they’re competing to get more consumers in, there are more people we can sell games to.”

Fierce competition often breeds a golden age for any industry. Just look at the famous “Monday Night Wars” that professional wrestling saw between WWF and WCW. Unfortunately, Sony and Microsoft are more often than not competing to see which company can be more retarded than the other, rather than more creative. Maybe they should look at what the wrestlers did. 

Interview: EA [MCV via VG247]

Jim Sterling