EA on the ball with the XBL demos; NBA Street and Def Jam demos coming soon

Say what you will about Electronic Arts and their penchant for bending gamers over with their microtransactions, one thing is for sure: they are working the hell out of the Xbox Live Marketplace.

A few days ago, Godfree over at Gamertag Radio sent word that an NBA Street Homecourt demo would be hitting the marketplace as early as this week. The demo will contain one court, and the game’s basic 3 on 3 mode.

Now today, Gamespot is reporting that a Def Jam Icons demo (featuring your favorite emcees, Big Boi and T.I.) will be appearing on the marketplace this Thursday. It will feature timed gameplay and two tracks, “Kryptonite” from Purple Ribbon All-Stars featuring Big Boi, and “Top Back” from T.I.

Holla at your boy.

Nick Chester