EA is planning more ‘hands-on opportunities’ for Battlefield V ahead of launch

Beta exceeded EA’s expectations

Reaction to last month’s Battlefield V closed alpha has been so positive that EA is planning for more “hands-on opportunities” ahead of the game’s October launch. The publisher announced the news in a financial call, today, with CEO Andrew Wilson proclaiming, “The ‘Battlefield 5’ beta results exceeded our expectations. The feedback was highly positive with players able to feel the advancements that DICE has focused on for the gameplay. This type of early play opportunity is now foundational to our development process.”

According to Wilson, the beta had around three times the amount of anticipated players active. While we are already aware of a beta period going on in September, this new quote likely means players will get another chance to experience the title before launch (either with another beta session or a demo). Whenever that happens is still unknown.

EA Plans More ‘Hands-On Opportunities’ for ‘Battlefield 5’ Prior to Launch [Variety]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.