EA is ‘interested’ in Left 4 Dead PS3 … no sh*t

I think I see Captain Obvious looming over the horizon, as Valve has revealed that Electronic Arts is interested in bringing Left 4 Dead to the PlayStation 3. Valve itself has already admitted that it won’t personally deliver its eagerly awaited zombie shooter to the black box o’ Blu-ray, but that doesn’t mean EA won’t port it.

“For The Orange Box, EA did the PS3 version,” stated Valve’s Gabe Newell. “They’re interested in getting a PS3 version done. We just have to figure out where the resources can come from. We don’t have the bandwidth. We’re doing the 360 and PC version ourselves.”

Newell notoriously once called the PS3 a “waste of time,” but has admitted that his company should be supporting the system. “I think we need to do a good job with supporting the PS3 with the Source engine. Our engine licensees would like us to do it. I think we need to invest more in getting that in there,” he explained. “So I think that we’ll, over time, be directly more and more supporting the PS3 as our bandwidth allows us to.”

We already thought EA was doing an L4D port, but it became uncomfirmed. However, if Left 4 Dead doesn’t come out on the PlayStation 3 at some point, I will personally snog Hulk Hogan on the bum. Confirmed.

James Stephanie Sterling