EA is high in the sky with cloud gaming and newly announced ‘Origin Access Premiere’

The power of the cloud!

Fresh out of EA’s E3 conference, EA has announced ‘Origin Access Premiere,’ a new cloud gaming and subscription service coming this summer with titles such as FIFA 19, Anthem, Madden, and “many more titles in the years to come.”

Basically, this more or less seems like EA’s version of Xbox Game Pass. Notably, this is also the first time in over a decade the Madden series will be making its way to PC. That said, I am curious whether or not the pricing will be strictly limited to their subscription service or if the streaming will be included under the same price-tag.

Either way, I’m curious to see if EA’s attempt at a subscription model will actually go anywhere. Especially when console manufacturers are already dabbling in these ideas and offering their own subscription services. Only time will tell.

Until then, EA also announced that fans will be able to sign up for a free trial of “Origin Access,” which is a subscription service that allows access to “more than 95 PC games” as long as they have an active membership.

Dan Roemer
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