EA has four unannounced games this year, and one of them better be a remastered Mass Effect trilogy

These are our demands

I’m just going for it. Enough playing nice, enough wishful thinking. Everyone’s thinking it so let’s just say it: EA better give us a remastered Mass Effect trilogy this year.

As a part of its end of 2020 fiscal year report, EA gave a forward-looking glimpse into its 2021 fiscal year release schedule which runs through next March. The specifically-mentioned things were games we already knew about: Burnout Remastered on Switch, Command & Conquer Remastered next month, and new FIFA, Madden, and NHL games.

However, the footnotes broadly detailed some stuff we can expect to hear about before long. Unannounced projects are: an EA Sports game, “an additional EA HD title” (good to see EA is done making standard-def titles), four games from EA Partners, and two mobile games. 

There’s a lot of runway here and one of the games could be — nay, should be — a remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy. We’ve waited an entire dang console generation to hang out with Shepard and Co. and to forget that Andromeda happened. It’s time we stop being polite and start getting real. Give us our Mass Effect remaster. Throw in Skate 4 while you’re at it.

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