EA giving away free gas for Mercenaries 2

In celebration of the release of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames, EA is giving away free gas to the people of Los Angeles. I can’t make this up, and I wish I could be this brilliant if I was. The gas is flowing as long as the pumps are running, so make sure to grab your biggest SUV and fill the tank.

When: August 29, 2008
Time: 6 A.M. – 6 P.M. (or until the pumps run dry)
Where: 8489 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles (N/E corner of La Cienega and Beverly)

The President of Pandemic Studios, Josh Resnick, will be on-hand at the event if you want to stop by and asking him how Mercs 2 is shaping up, although I have a feeling that most customers may just be stopping in to enjoy the free gas. If only the Cooking Mama people would offer free cakes and stew.

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