EA gives BattleForge’s price a good slashing

EA Phenomic’s mixture of real-time strategy with trading cards, BattleForge, has received a sizable price reduction to the tune of $20 off. The title can now be found at North American retails for $29.99, with additional funds going to the developers by way of purchasable in-game booster packs.

I’ve always been curious to see how well microtransactions can work as a main revenue stream, specifically for free-to-play games such as Battlefield Heroes, but no one has ever really divulged any solid numbers to my knowledge. I guess it must be working if EA is willing to give BattleForge a price drop.

As always, there’s a demo available to test the game out, or you can read about Samit’s experience with the RTS, or Dyson’s thoughts on the multiplayer.

Jordan Devore
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