EA: FIFA all up in the domination of PES

Picking up where I left off last weekend, the sport above is called soccer, not football. This is important to note because as I am telling you about how FIFA 10 is outselling Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 by a lot, I will be referring to the sport of soccer and I don’t want anyone getting confused. So soccer is the sport. FIFA and PES are the soccer videogames. Got it? Good.

According to EA the perennial rivalry between the two is actually more like a beat-down this year, as EA’s FIFA has far outstripped Konami’s PES in terms of sales. EA European boss Jens Uwe Intat has been caught saying that FIFA is “beating the heck” out of PES in Europe, with 75 percent of the soccer game sales in the area. That’s a pretty whopping chunk that we’re sure to hear Konami comment on at some point as well.

It could have some validity, however, as Intat also claims that “FIFA was neck and neck with Modern Warfare 2 [in 2009] to be the best-selling game across Europe.” Intat didn’t mention any numbers for the U.S., but considering the fact that half the population doesn’t care about soccer and a majority of the part that do probably know FIFA far better than they do PES, one could be led to imagine that they look relatively the same.

FIFA ‘beating the heck out of Pro Evo’ [CVG]

Matthew Razak