EA does not like being called a pig, demands apology

Electronic Arts, despite weathering all sorts of criticism over the years, apparently has a sensitive side. German game hater Regina Pfeiffer described EA as “that pig of a company,” and Electronic Arts has helpfully suggested that an apology might be in order.

Pfeiffer made the remark after expressing upset that she could not sue EA, since it wasn’t German. She was speaking at the Computer Game and Violence conference in Munich. 

EA’s response was pretty classy and rather clever, however: “Should Mrs Regina Pfeiffer have actually lost her composure to the point of describing Electronic Arts as being a ‘pig of a company’, then I can only recommend that she apologizes in full – at least, if she wishes to be taken seriously again in the future.”

Beautiful response.

And really, why is it that these clean and moral anti-games people can’t show even the slightest portion of respect? From Jack Thompson to Keith Vaz to Leland Yee, these people use lies and childish insults to get their point across. Not exactly a good example to be setting for one’s kids, right?

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