EA craves sequels for Dead Space, Army of Two, and Battlefield: Bad Company

EA has surprised more than a few people this past year with a slew of new IPs and an improving image in the eyes of many, myself included.

However, you have got to make sequels to fund these new properties, and you better believe EA has some sequels in store for us. We already told you about how Mirror’s Edge is a planned trilogy, but that’s nothing compared to what Variety was told recently.

EA Games president Frank Gibeau revealed that there is a “sequel idea planned” for both Battlefield: Bad Company and Army of Two, which makes perfect sense when you look at how unbelievably well the latter game sold.

Similarly, the executive producer on Dead Space, Glenn Schofield, has quietly talked about a sequel for the space-themed survival horror and the possibility of novels and even toys. All I know is that Isaac Clarke had better be in there, dammit.

If you were charged with the task of coming up with a title for the sequel to Army of Two, what would you name it? Chad suggests Army of Tooie.

[Via Shacknews]

Jordan Devore
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