EA could stand to put out more games like Unravel

Adorable yarn-based puzzle platforming

Unravel is an upcoming puzzle-platform game about a little yarn guy on a journey through nature, and it is such a delight. It’s one of those titles you’ll want to complete in a single sitting, totally absorbed the whole way through. It’s also published by Electronic Arts, strangely enough.

Our miniature yarn friend — I don’t know if he has a name, so let’s just call him Yarnie — can unravel himself to swing over gaps, create a tightrope, latch onto objects, and rappel.

But he’s not made of infinite yarn. That’s where the puzzles lie. As you press onward over treacherous obstacles, it’s possible for him to run out. You’ll have to turn back and plot your moves more efficiently, taking care not to leave strands of his body unnecessarily tied up on, say, a tree branch. If that sounds like a hassle, it’s really not. New areas have checkpoints in the form of nourishing bundles of yarn, so even if you’re overly wasteful, you won’t have to replay much.

There is danger, though. Water. Landslides. Birds. Death is swift and unforgiving in the northern Sweden-inspired land of Unravel. I was reminded of Limbo, a little. Further into the adventure, the cheerful scenery became darker, more bleak — even toxic. I’m invested.

We’ve given props to Ubisoft for Valiant Hearts and Grow Home, and I’d similarly love to see EA put out more personal projects like Unravel alongside its massive yearly franchises. Surprise us.

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