EA Chicago working on brawler based in Marvel universe

Amidst the frenzy that is this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Electronic Arts have announced that their Chicago studios are currently developing a Marvel Comics-based fighting game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. EA Chicago are best known for their work on their excellent Fight Night series, and to a lesser extent, Def Jam Icons.

EA are promising an “all-star line-up” of both justice seekers and evil doers, as well as a “living world that keeps the gameplay fresh. They also take a small jab at themselves (Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, anyone?) saying that they intend to “deliver an authentic Super Hero fighting experience that has been promised for years but never truly been delivered.” Dem’s fightin’ words.

EA Chicago, led by producer Kudo Tsunoda, are a formidable studio indeed. The life they brought to the stale videogame boxing scene with Fight Night can’t be ignored. But while Def Jam Icons promised a world of fighting innovations that sounded great on paper, it was an unfortunate miss for Kudo and the team. Let’s hope that with this new Marvel fighter, we once again see them in top form.

Nick Chester