EA and Gameloft show off games for Apple’s iPad tablet

This morning, Apple announced their iPad tablet computing device. Unless you like really big iPhones that you can’t fit in your pocket, you may not care. Well, wait. It looks like they’re trying to appeal to gamers.

GamlLoft was invited to show off a modified version of their first-person shooter N.O.V.A. It sported improved graphics and more options for game control. For example, swiping two fingers could throw a grenade. Beefier specs means a better looking, sharper version than the iPhone game. This modified iPad version will be available later this year.

EA’s Need for Speed: Shift was used as a sort of performance test for the iPad, which features a fast 1ghz Apple A4 processor. The result isn’t quite notebook computer graphics, but they’re far above what you’d get from a notebook…or an iPhone. The game shown was fully touch capable. For example, to see inside the car, just tap inside the car, and swipe up and down on the shifter to change gears, and tap on the mirror to look behind you.

“Building for the iPad is a little different — it’s kind of like holding an HD display up to your face. It’s really cool,” said EA’s Travis Boatman.

The question is this: Is this something that will appeal to gamers? Or are the games just a novel add-on to a tablet device?

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