EA Access is available on PC now too

Origin Access

EA Access, the subscription service to lease certain Electronic Arts games, is no longer exclusive to the Xbox One. It’s now available on PC as well, but rebranded to “Origin Access.”

Despite the name change, Origin Access looks to function identically to EA Access. For $4.99 per month, users are granted free rein to a vault of games to play as often as they wish assuming the rent keeps getting paid. At the onset of the PC program, the collection of games is 15 titles strong.

Moving Access to PC seems like a natural evolution of the program, but the timing’s curious. Why wait 17 months from the launch of Access on Xbox? We’ve asked EA if this delay had to do with an expiring timed-exclusivity deal with Microsoft, and if the PC launch opens the door to PlayStation platforms. We’ll update this story if/when EA responds.

Brett Makedonski
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