E3: Ubisoft shows fantastic-looking Far Cry 3

A surprise announcement from Ubisoft’s E3 2011 press conference started with a serious man coming out on stage, talking about an island full of crazy people. What the…? Then, we saw a lush jungle appear on screen.

Oh yes. Far Cry 3.

The presentation kicked off with the player surveying the land, taking notice of far off militants. The main character, Jason Brody, was captured, and forced to listen to the ranting of a lunatic while tied at the wrists. He was then kicked into a water-filled cave with a cinder block tied to his feet, but he was narrowly able to break free of his restraints and reach the surface.

It was intense. Some nasty knife kills followed — one involving jumping off a ledge onto a bad guy, knife first — and then Brody hopped into a helicopter, forcing the pilot to take off at gunpoint. The chopper was shot down by a rocket, and Brody was captured by the crazed man again.

So far, the only details we have on Far Cry 3 are that it’s coming out in 2012 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, and that it’s being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, in conjunction with Ubisoft Shanghai and Massive Entertainment. And that it’s badass. I need this.

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