E3: Sony ready to reveal another Syphon Filter?

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Another installment in a popular series of games being announced at E3? You don’t say!

Apparently Sony accidentally published details of a Syphon Filter 4 on its US PlayStation website earlier this week. It was quickly pulled, but not before a number of sources grabbed some information, including a logo (pictured above). Other details include the game using an all new engine created by SCE London, and seeing a Q4 2012 release for the PlayStation 3. 

VG247 is also noting that a number of Syphon Filter-related domains have been registered by Sony, including SyphonFilterAgency.com, SyphonFilterOps.com, and more. Also worth noting is that despite this game apparently being called Syphon Filter 4, it’s the eighth in the series, which spans both consoles and portables. 

Sony’s press conference is next Monday, so we’re only a few days away from possibly hearing more. I’m also trying to start a rumor that Rebecca Black will be performing, which may or may not be based on true facts. Pass it on. 

E3 rumor watch: Sony briefly evils Syphon Filter 4, domains registered [VG247]


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