E3: Reasons why I love attending E3

I know I bitch about a lot of things. You become kind of jaded after awhile, even with a job as great as mine, working for a boss that’s as amazing as mine. But I snap back to reality really quickly often and remember that I’m very, very lucky to do what I do for a living. I know I’m very, very lucky to have you to write for, dearest Destructoid reader.

One of the highlights of my job is attending videogame industry events. E3 is the biggest in our industry, and while I bitch about the late hours, stinky people and never being able to sleep, I love it. I love E3.

I’ve put together a little list of things our staff has seen this week that remind us all why we love E3 so much. We’re not bragging. We’re just expressing our joy.

  • Someone gave me fudge ice cream sandwiches yesterday <3
  • Randomly seeing Japan’s Hard Gay on a massive screen at EA’s booth
  • Saint’s Row 3 carwash with bikini girls
  • Pure stupid fun games like Rayman, Saint’s Row 3, Brother in Arms: Furious 4
  • Booth Bros
  • Pretty, pretty, pretty PR girls!
  • Seeing the new toys first, like PlayStation Vita and Wii U
  • Clueless cosplayers walking around the entryway like this is PAX
  • Guy in yellow spandex with his nuts clearly exposed and outlined
  • Cool swag like the Barbasol Jurassic Park embryo thing
  • Terrible swag like the Deus Ex arm sleeve
  • T-Pain’s fake news conference
  • Free beer and food
  • Mr. Caffeine 
  • Running into friends
  • Drinking too much
  • A guy taking a shit in the bathroom was whistling the Chocobo Theme earlier today
  • New site called GamingJesus.com
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