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Xbox green, amiibo, nipples and more

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The show floor opened today! It’s filled with people trying really, really hard to get plastic Persona 5 bags. It’s a lot less sad than last year, too, which had way more blank spaces. Capcom, Konami, and 2K were vacant in 2014. This year, 2K scaled down its giant red light up logo, even, because it has wrestling and basketball games. 

This is one half of the spectacle, the half with Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony booths. The latter is a weird t-shape this year and wraps behind Microsoft, which almost feels like a power play. Or maybe Microsoft just wanted to scale down this year. I mean, there’s no Scalebound.

I’ll be updating our Hello from Destructoid at E3 post with more personal pictures from our exploits throughout the week.

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