E3 No’8: The Resentmentoid Podcast

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While many of our team are on the front lines of E3 2008, a handful of bitter and resentful monstrosities, deemed too hideous to leave Destructoid HQ and interact with real people, are holding the fort. Ours is the world of live feeds and IRC chatrooms, and those are just as good, right? RIGHT!? Like us … we’re fun.

With little else to do and with the big three conferences having wrapped up, we felt that in lieu of your regular Podtoid (since the rest of the cast are getting drunk with Adam Sessler), we’d cobble together an E3 podcast from people not at E3. Somehow this is a great idea. So join Jim Sterling, Topher Cantler and Maybe Another Guest Or Two If Someone Else Is Bothered, as we discuss the big three conferences, and what we get up to instead of having fun.

Do you have questions, comments, or worse attempts at humor than that woman inflicted upon us at Nintendo’s conference? Use the comments box below and be part of E3 No’8!

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