E3: Namco’s Go Vacation looks oddly compelling

Adam excitedly sent this into our tips line, and I figured he was just being silly. Especially after watching the trailer above, which starts off admittedly rough. But in a Shyamalan twist, things go from Wii Sports Resort-clone to “You can scuba dive! And surf! And do tons of other weird activities. Why do I want this?!”

What makes Go Vacation interesting is the open-world nature, which you rarely see attached to what is essentially a collection of mini-games. After some quick Google detective work, I can confirm that it’s coming to North America this fall.

Funny enough, the box art looks like every other off-brand Wii game that so often gets randomly purchased as a gift. Maybe Billy’s grandparents will unwittingly surprise him with what could be a decent title, for once.

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