E3: Minecraft, Halo 4 and more revealed by Microsoft

Microsoft kicked E3 off proper with some exciting new announcements. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary and Halo 4 are both at the top of my list of games I NEED IN MY FACE as I’m a giant fanboy of the series.

The press conference focused a lot on Kinect, with a lot of games adopting Kinect into future titles. Ghost Recon, Mass Effect 3 and a number of EA Sports titles are all set to use motion controls in one way or the other. Plus a Kinect update went out today that gives the device some new features.

Here’s everything that came out of the conference so far. What has you the most excited? What grade would you give Microsoft’s Xbox conference? I give it a B.

Live blog:
E3: Dtoid Discusses: The Microsoft Press Conference
E3: Microsoft conference stream and liveblog

New games:
E3: Switch between ‘classic & new graphics’ in Halo remake
E3: Kinect Sports: Season 2 all up on your voice and body
E3: Halo 4 start of a new trilogy, coming Holiday 2012
E3: Dance Central 2 is an on-rails dancer
E3: Minecraft announced for Xbox 360 with Kinect support
E3: Fable: The Journey is a Kinect rail shooter
E3: Disneyland Adventures revealed, coming this holiday
E3: Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary announced
E3: Four EA Sports games with Kinect support in next year

E3: Xbox Live to get cloud storage, ‘beacons’
E3: Summer of Arcade includes From Dust, Bastion, mor
E3: Kinect voice commands in Mass Effect 3
E3: Tomb Raider kicks the crap out of Lara
E3: Microsoft kicks off presser with Modern Warfare 3
E3: UFC Live coming to Xbox 360
E3: YouTube, Bing, and live television for Xbox Live
E3: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Kinect controls confirmed
E3: Gears of War 3 demoed on stage at Microsoft presser
E3: Kinect Star Wars is an on-rails Light Saber-er
E3: Crytek’s Ryse takes you to ancient Rome
E3: Ice-T’s Bodycount reunites for Gears of War 3 tribute
E3: Modern Warfare 3 DLC to be timed Xbox 360 exclusive
E3: Forza 4 out October 11, monthly expansions to come
E3: Kinect Fun Labs hits Xbox 360 today

E3: Fable: The Journey cinematic trailer
E3: Halo 4 teaser trailer

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