E3: Microsoft kicks off presser with Modern Warfare 3

And we’re rolling. The first game shown at Microsoft’s E3 2011 conference was none other than Modern Warfare 3. The demonstration started with the player and his scuba team underwater, avoiding mines and tailing a submarine.

The player then planted an explosive on the sub, and it surfaced. Naturally, they boarded the thing, shot some bad guys, and entered. Flash forward past more dead bodies, and the launch codes have been obtained. The team then gets out, boards a boat, and navigates through a wasteland of destroyed ships and gunfire.

Neat stuff, but pretty expected as far as Modern Warfare is concerned. Sledgehammer Games’ Glen Schofield took the stage to say that his team is proud to work with Infinity Ward, and that this will be the most “epic Call of Duty ever.” Fitting choice of words.

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