E3 Media & Business Summit 2007: Your predictions

E3 2007 is right around the corner and everyone and their mothers are predicting all kinds of crazy stuff to be announced this week. Team Destructoid will be at all the events in full force (as well as EIEIO) and we will make sure to bring you all the news as fast as possible. Originally, we were going to do a Destructoid staff prediction for E3, but the e-mail that circulated about it went downhill really fast.

So instead, we want to hear what you think is going to happen. Is Killzone 2 going to make a playable appearance? Is cease & desist coming to the 360? Is Smash Bros Brawl going to finally get a firm release date? So many questions!

What do you think is going to happen? Let us know, no matter how crazy it is, we want to know. *I can safely say that no other company has an internal e-mailer as crazy, demented and psychotic as ours.

Hamza Aziz