E3: Hands-on with the really strange Mr. Inkjet

Why is this game called Mr. Inkjet? No idea. In fact, the developer I spoke with said the name will probably change. For now just know that this is a strange game that uses the PlayStation Vita’s back touch panel to control a paper-flat guy that floats around in a world where people are out to kill (crumple?) him. Again, this is strange.

You’ll use four fingers to touch the back touchscreen, with each finger representing Mr. Inkjet’s limbs. There were only three stages in this demo. The first one had me moving my fingers to move the character’s limbs around to dodge bombs and laser beams while falling down a corridor. Other stages had our flat friend kicking faces of falling secret agents trying to shoot you, or moving limbs to dodge signboards. They couldn’t tell me how many stages of this type would be in the final game, but I was told to expect “lots.”

Mr. Inkjet uses both of the Vita’s cameras to put players into the game. I was able to try this function out. I was able to use my own face, and then mix it with a picture out of a book for my body. I wore a black leotard, as you can see in the above image.

This is still early. Right now it feels like a tech demo for Vita. It’s kind of funny, but it has a way to go. 

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