E3: Far Cry 3 and more revealed at Ubisoft’s conference

Alright, so who won E3? Mr. Caffeine or TRANSFARRING? I’m laughing too hard to be able to pick still.

Thankfully there was some real games at Ubisoft’s press conference. You know, not some stupid breathing … thing. Far Cry 3 looks awesome and Brothers in Arms: Furious Four looks like Inglorious Basterds the game.

E3 New game announcements:
E3: Trackmania 2 is like Uniracers … in a car!
E3: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 coming in 2011
E3: Raving Rabbids Alive & Kicking announced for Kinect
E3: Ubisoft’s Just Dance 3 coming to Wii, Kinect, Move
E3: Brothers In Arms: Furious Four kills lots of Nazis
E3: Ubisoft shows fantastic-looking Far Cry 3

E3 News:
E3: Ubisoft wants you to learn guitar with Rocksmith
E3: Spielberg and Jackson talk Tintin: The Game

E3 Trailers:
E3: Assassin’s Creed Revelations trailer
E3: Trials Evolution briefly teased

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