E3: About scanning naughty things into Kinect Fun Labs

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I know what you were thinking about doing when you saw Kinect Fun Labs in action during Microsoft’s press conference. You were thinking of scanning your penis, weren’t you? Or your Realdoll. And I guess you can, but know that you won’t be visually trolling as many people as you might have hoped. 

Today I learned that the end result of scanning ‘wrong’ things into Kinect Fun Labs through its Object Capture technology may just be that you look like a dumb ass to your friends. Your friends’ feed is probably the only place your creation will get out. In other words, only your friends will see your wiener. That’s nice, as you don’t have to worry about who you are sharing your content with.

Beyond that, content can be instantly blocked if you deem it to be too nasty. A simple bit of work bans the poster of that hairy junk forever. Beyond that, Microsoft says that they’ll actively monitor the community to keep it clean, and that they’re prepared to put down the ban hammer. 

Microsoft says that they’re really wanting to build a community for Kinect Fun Labs, and that this kind of destructive content works against that. They left it at that. Keep it in your pants.

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