E3: A Nintendo fanboy’s thoughts on the Wii U

I went into the Nintendo press conference this morning maybe more excited than any person on the planet. When the live orchestra started playing Zelda music, I started to cry a little. I felt like a kid again. This is why I fell in love with videogames.

As the press conference went on, I was so looking forward to the new console reveal that I didn’t have time to take in some really exciting (at least, for me) announcements: Luigi’s Mansion 2; new Skyward Sword footage.

When the Wii U was finally revealed I was … a little confused. And, honestly, as I am typing this I am still a little confused. I love the concept. I love the look. I love the touch screen controller. But what kind of games is it going to play? What kind of technical power does the console hold? Can it play Battlefield 3 and games that look similarly stunning?

Look, I don’t care nearly as much for fancy horsepower and graphics as some people. But I would love to have a new Nintendo system with that awesome Wii U controller that can play games that can easily compete in the marketplace.

The more I take it all in, the more I like it. I even like the name! I just need to see more …*

*Which I will in a few minutes! OMG!

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