E3 2017 dates? I hardly even knew E3 2016!

Next year’s show is in the same place

With the last day of E3 2016 nearly wrapped up, the ESA has announced plans for next year’s show already. It will be held from June 13-17, 2017, in the same location — the Los Angeles Convention Center. The venue is pretty much perfect, and I’m glad they’re locking it up yet again (that Denny’s on Figueroa Street has seen some shit).

You want stats? I’ll give you stats. The ESA says “more than 70,000 people” participated, with “50,300 video game professionals, analysts, journalists, and enthusiasts attending,” and “20,000 fans.” There’s also some social media chest-beating numbers but I’ll spare you those.

We’ve covered quite a bit already, from hands-on previews to news from every major press conference. See you next year!

Chris Carter
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