E3 2015 badge tease! Can you guess the game?

Who’s that Pokemon?

Everyone loves good teas. Green teas, black teas, barley teas (the best tea despite not technically being tea), Charles Barkley teas. Well, how about an E3 badge teas? I will stop the unfunny joke now. The stretch was steep.

Anyways! Oh my lord on a skateboard, E3 is almost a week away. Next Sunday I’ll be hopping on a plane at 7AM bound for horrible Los Angeles, video games, and Jordan’s creamy legs IRL. Ah, the City of Angles. 45 degrees, 90 degrees — it has ’em all.

Atlus has been the E3 badge insert sponsor for the four plus years I’ve been at Destructoid (here’s 2011-2013, 2014) and that’s continuing for 2015 so we’re again teasing this piece of historical cardboard before a full reveal next week ahead of the show.

The blank insert is above. I took a guess using the magic of photo editing. I think Atlus dumps Persona 5 to make a Matty Lesko game. Maybe that’s distracting. I’ll upload a clean version below.

Whip up your best photo manipulation in the comments. There are two categories: correctness (nailing which Atlus title will be featured) and hilarity (sticking question mark suit infomercial man on the E3 badge).

Steven Hansen