E3 2009 floor plans: Big booths are back!

If E3 2006 was Papa Bear and E3 2008 was Baby Bear (E3 2007 does not count in my book), then the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 will be something like Mama Bear on Slim Fast. She’s lost a bit of weight, but there’s plenty of cushion for the pushin’. Wait, what?

The freshly released 2009 floor plans show that both the South and West hall will be filled with over 100 exhibitors in all, with some packing some decent square footage. The company booths aren’t the miniature theme parks they were back in the day, but they look to have some decent size to them, and that at least gives us hope for a more exciting and eventful E3. All the cool kids are here, and the booth babes are supposed to be back. Fingers crossed.

Compared to last year, this layout is massive. Sony, Nintendo, and Activision anchor the West Hall, while Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, and Square Enix have equal sized booths in the South Hall. The layout looks quite a bit more standardized than it did in 2006, which is a good thing. I’m not seeing the foot massage stations, though. Was there an error?

Dale North