E3 2007: Too Human teaser is full of giant robots, swords, and Norse gods

Hot off the Destructo-cans-tied-together-with-string. the Plastic Templars of St. Catherines, Ontario, Canadia, have released this in-engine teaser for the upcoming Too Human. If you want to watch it in the HD glory that is your gaming rig (or just on your TV), head over to your XBL Marketplace.

Like I mentioned, this footage is in-engine (Unreal 3), and for the most part looks absolutely stunning. The movement is fluid and smooth and the voice acting sounds pretty good. There are a few moments, however, where something seems to go derail. Every once in a while, some blocky hair, or poorly modeled face creeps into the mold. It wouldn’t be so noticeable if it weren’t in the relief of the rest of a great-looking trailer.

I, for one, am stoked for Too Human. It’s hit its bumps in the road, but Denis Dyack seems to be pretty commited, even violently so, to his epic. However, Norse mythologies makes me Loki in my Odin spot, and I just nerdgasmed over the fact that this trailer is totally ripped from Beowulf, so I may be a little biased. If there’s anything I’m hoping to see from the Holy Trinity of Microsoft action games coming out soon, it’s Too Human. Please, Silicon Knights, don’t fail me. Literature geeks nationwide need this.

Microsoft and Silicon Knights Unleash a Barrage of Action: New “Too Human” Cinematic Hits Marketplace

Microsoft and Silicon Knights are giving gamers a sneak peak inside the ongoing battle between humans and machines with the release of a new, in-engine, cinematic for “Too Human” exclusively for Xbox 360.

Jam-packed with action, and running at just over six-minutes in length, this cinematic showcases the game’s advanced blockbuster movie-style graphics; offering just a taste of what’s to come from the mind of Denis Dyack and the team at Silicon Knights.

Joseph Leray