E3 2007: The Wii Zapper is just as cool as you were hoping

I usually don’t like to call another editor out, or make a post that is contradictory to their point of view, but today is the day that I make an exception.

Colette’s opinion about the Wii Zapper is completely wrong.

See why after the jump.

First of all, I can totally see where Colette is coming from in her post. A gun peripheral should be precise and easy to use, there’s no doubt about that. But I think that she got her negative impression from the software, not the hardware.

Why? Because the Zapper is just slightly to the left of pretty awesome. I had a lot of fun with it when I had a chance to mess around with it, and I really lliked. It was well built and easy to use. Not only that, but the Zapper is a perfect addition to the, now humongous, collection of Wii peripherals. What probably gave Colette the bad impression was that she had to test run the Zapper on a game like Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

If you remember, I had a chance to play this game a long, long time ago, and it wasn’t pretty. Since that time, Capcom has made some improvements to the game’s controls, but honestly, it’s still complete ass.
I hate to say it, but it’s true. Even with some revamped controls and the addition of using the Zapper, the way the game controls is a complete travesty. And if your only experience with the Wii Zapper is with RE:UC, then that experience will not be a good one.

So please don’t take Colette’s first impression as gospel. The Wii Zapper is going to add quite a bit more fun to the Wii console when good games finally come out for it. (And yes, I did ask about Duck Hunt, but all I got was the standard “no comment.”)