E3 2007: Square Enix Online store preview

I’d like to save face and say I’m faking the expression up above, but that’s pretty much exactly how I was feeling as I walked with Aaron Linde to our E3 appointment with Square Enix. They were showing multiple upcoming titles, but Aaron will be sharing the details with you in a post coming shortly. The scoop I have for you is about the launch of the online merchandise store, and that you will soon be buying your Cloud Strife sculptures directly from Square instead of sending your money to a black market yakuza in China who wrestles three alligators and fights the ghost of Shiva in order to get your goods.

We saw some amazing merchandise ranging from the FF12 figures you see above to highly detailed recreations of the battle scenes between Cloud and Sephiroth from Advent Children.Thankfully there was no way we could buy any of what we saw because I would have hurled my credit card at them with surprising force. Anyway, America gets access to all this goodness and more later this year, although a date was not specified. I’ll just save all my money until then, order ten of everything and fill up my bathtub with them, and lay in it.

Colette Bennett