E3 2007: Sony announces PS3 exclusives

Sony’s just announced that NCSoft, the people behind Lineage, City of Heroes, and Guild Wars, will be creating several PS3-exclusive titles. No word as to what the titles are yet, but I can only expect them to be something big. Hell, even Guild Wars on the PS3 would be amazing.

In addition, they’re working with Epic to modify the Unreal 3 engine for the PS3. So this means that Sony will have the heads up with Unreal Tournament III this year, as it’ll be a PS3-first game.

Finally, they’ve also shown footage from Ubisoft’s Haze, which I can’t comment too much on, except that the footage looked really grainy. Ah well, I’ll just blame G4 for that one. Now, they’re showing some of the big multiplatform titles that’ll be appearing on the PS3 (RE 5, Asssassin’s Creed, Burnout Paradise, etc.)

Stay tuned to Destructoid for more Sony announcements.