E3 2007: Project Gotham Racing 4 may have made a mistake (hands-on impressions)

I was willing to give Project Gotham Racing 4 the benefit of the doubt when it added motorcycles to the mix, as even though this is usually a recipe for disaster, Bizarre Creations has certainly earned my respect for continuously making ground-breaking games. So, when I saw PGR4 in the Barker Hangar at E3 last week, I just had to find out for myself.

Unfortunately, I was immediately disappointed. The problem with motorcycles in a realistic racing game is that they are very prone to crashing, especially when a gamer who has no reason to be concerned for his physical safety gets behind the controller. But if you had bodies flying all over the place and blood and limbs bouncing up onto windshields, Project Gotham would take on a whole different flava. 

So how do you get around that? Well, you don’t, really… Bizarre has opted to use the magical “flashing reset” feature whenever a biker crashes. This, to me, is about as 1995 as disappearing corpses in videogames. I effing HATE it. Nothing tears me out of an immersive game more than watching bodies of the recently slain simply disappear, and nothing could possibly ruin PGR more than the unrealistic madness that they have added. 

To make matters worse, I did about 160mph into a dead end and what happened? Not a goddamn thing. Seriously, I just wobbled a bit and then kept on keepin’ on. That’s bullsh*t! In case Bizarre is reading this, I have included a number of videos of what it’s like when a motorcycle crashes at excess speeds. For everyone else, I’m sure PGR4 will still be a great game, but this nonsense right here is what will keep it from being perfect. 

Warning: Linkin Park.

Warning: Dead people.