E3 2007: Kojima talks Metal Gear Solid 4 at the Sony press conference

Continuing an impressive and successful E3 Media & Business Summit press conference, Sony proudly introduced legendary Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, to discuss MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. Kojima said that this will be the very final chapter in the Metal Gear Solid story, one to tie up all the loose ends and bookend the saga. Kojima also claimed that this would be the last Metal Gear game that he’d direct, but … Kojima always says that.

We were then treated to a brand new trailer, voiced with the English cast, for Guns of the Patriots, shedding more light on Snake’s final mission. Detailing how Snake’s objective is to find and eliminate Liquid as he plans an insurrection in the Middle-Eastern setting we’ve come to know and love, the trailer is epic, and sure to be posted on Destructoid very soon. The whole thing ended with a beautiful, albeit brutal, battle between Raiden and Vamp, which led into the glorious news that MGS4 would see a simultaneous worldwide release in early 2008. As a final point, a demo was also hinted at surfacing in Japan sometime in the near future. 

The game looks gorgeous (far better than the awful screengrab I nabbed) and this old MGS fan is stoked as hell for what promises to be an awesome feather in Sony’s cap, at least for the time being. Stay tuned to Destructoid for more news from the ongoing conference.  

Jim Sterling