E3 2007: Gears of War PC footage with bonus Brumak battle

If you hadn’t already guessed that Gears of War was making its way to PC, you probably missed out on this post completely. CliffyB got on stage at Microsoft’s E3 2007 conference to show off (you guessed it) the PC version of GoW and his mad skills against something that never made it to the Xbox 360 edition — a boss battle against the Locust Brumak.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I’ll never cave in and buy Gears again just for a silly boss fight”, get ready to surrender your wallet to Epic Games, because on top of that addition, the PC version will also feature 5 new campaign chapters, a new multiplayer mode, and even a map editor. Will this exclusive content ever make its way onto your Xbox 360? God, we hope so.

Gears of War will be available this holiday season for Windows XP and Vista, with the latter option utilizing Games for Windows Live and DirectX 10.

Jordan Devore
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