E3 2007: Dungeon Runners footage; what have I gotten myself into?

Here’s a quick recap of the above video clip from Dungeon Runners for those of you who might be blind but have hired a kindly local boy to read the Internet for you:

00:10: Ok, things are progressly quite smoothly. We’re obviously in some kind of dungeon and we’re running, which means we’ve accomplished the two main goals set out by the title already! Martinis for all!

00:12: Um … wait. What the hell is that? Are we carrying a pizza cutter? Oh … my mistake. It’s an oversized, novelty pizza cutter!

00:18: Finally we get to cut something! After running almost thirty feet, we’re pounced upon by the denizens of Mojoworld, and the pizza cutter proves to be an absolutely worthless weapon. The crowd stares in silent shock. 

00:30: Our enemies have guns, and we’re still using … wow! Did you guys even see that huge sidebar we have over there? I had no idea we’d done so many E3 stories already!

00:56: Time to check supplies! We’ve got a lighter, a pack of Lucky’s, a few health potions, a cat, the August issue of Auto Trader and a guitar. Wait … what? Why are we running around a dungeon with a guitar instead of rocking faces off in Anaheim? Ah well, I guess we should probably start hitting people with it … 

(Editor’s Note: At this point Nex surfed away from the trailer and spent the next twenty minutes here. — The Board) 

Earnest Cavalli
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