E3 2007: Debut trailer for Sucker Punch’s new PS3 title, Infamous

Out of all the new games Sony displayed at their conference during the 2007 E3 Media & Business Summit, Infamous stood out as the most interesting in my eyes. It’s from the creators of the beloved Sly Cooper series, so you know what to expect from this game.

Infamous seems to be a sort of combination between Crackdown and Psi-Ops — then again, the trailer is short and extremely compressed, so I might just be seeing things. But if that does happen to be the case, Infamous has the potential to be one hell of an awesome action game.

With games like Infamous and Metal Gear Solid 4 appearing exclusively on PlayStation 3 in 2008, it’s going to become increasingly difficult to come up with reasons to not want the system.

Check out the gallery for a high-quality image via NeoGAF.

Jordan Devore
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